Has anyone successfully implemented a Construct 3 (HTML5) game to GameDistribution.com?

  • I recently completed and debugged my first Construct 3 game. After looking into several publishing options, I decided to try GameDistribution.com.

    I downloaded and installed a required GameDistribtionSDK addon in the game and added the command "show an advertisement" at a strategic place in the game code.

    I exported the game as HTML5 and then uploaded the created zip file to GameDistribution.com for testing. The game works fine at the GameDistribution website, except no ads are showing up.

    Has anyone out there ever successfully implemented a Construct 3 game at GameDidtribution.com? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Their tech support is far from satisfactory.


  • Don't know a thing about them but, I would be VERY surprised if ads are shown to developers. Just as a test, try it from another computer without logging in.

  • My C3 game has been uploaded to GameDistribution.com for TESTING. It hasn't been accepted for distribution yet. Before being evaluated for acceptance, I need to run the game at their test site AND view a mock advertisement. The game is functioning correctly, EXCEPT the mock advertisement isn't coming up.

    I can't run it from another computer without logging in. I have to log in with my "developer" ID and password to get access to GameDistribution's testing and evaluation area.

    I was hoping that there are other C3 developers out there who have successfully ported their games to GameDistribution for publishing.

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  • You should not really use gamedistribution.com because they don't pay to developers/publishers. That is the biggest scam in online games. May people already left their service, but GD started another website to scam you again, it is gamemonetize.com, check the website, dashboard and their APIs, you will see it's exactly same website as gamedistribution.com

    Don't let them scam you, I never received money from them, here are just few topics confirming their scam:






  • Thank you for your helpful post, Dev989. I read through all of the links you provided, and it definitely gives me pause about working with GameDistribution.com. Are there any other publishers/distributors that you would recommend? I'm looking for a company that doesn't have a huge number of restrictions and requirements in order to be accepted.

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