Anyone had any organic ASO success?

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  • Has anyone had any luck with Apple App Store Optimisation in regards to keyword placement?

    I've got all the usual support graphics and gameplay vids in place, but I've also been targeting long tail keywords and phrases and occasionally (according to AppAnnie) I'll rise up the ranks to be placed at about 6 or 7 only to drop off the next couple of days then to reappear a few days later at 6 or 7 again.

    Ranking 6 or 7 may as well be ranking 100 for long tails as I'm guessing that if you're not in the top 2 then you don't get much of a look in.

    Graphics and videos might sell the game when the user is on your page, but they have to find your page first - and this is where keywords and key phrases come in.

    So has anyone actually had any organic success for ASO?

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