Anyone hosting their own game on their own site?

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  • Just wondering.

    Most people, it seems, are wrapping their creations into nwjs for steam or various wrappers for android or iOS. Or uploading to those awfull shovelware game hosting sites or facebook etc. It almost feels like people love the Construct Tool but do everything possible to disguise that it is HTML/JS.

    Is there anyone embracing, what I think is one of the real advantages with HTML which is hosting your own game on your own site in whatever manner you choose. Making it available in a browser for everyone?

    For example

    with an open demo then a pay-walled full version,

    or a windowed with ads and a pay-walled full screen ad free version etc.

    Then you drive traffic to your site in whatever way you choose

    Is there anyone doing this? and if so can you give us any tips, advice, best practice, best tools etc?


  • I think most C2 developer do not have the money to host their own website.

    On the other hand - steam, google play, ... are shops where you can sell your app without you must manage big task to handle the cash transfer.



  • Brilliant! Wow

    That's the sort of thing I am talking about

    How do you find the time???

    You have inspired more lurking in forum I must go work on my game......

  • ...

    How do you find the time???

    If you love something you always find time to spend

  • Our main site is completely free, and it attracts enough users and has garnered enough attention to get us contract work, which is what actually pays the hosting and business bills.

    It is very difficult to drive enough traffic to pay for everything on unit sales and/or ads alone.

  • cjbruce

    Cool. Its very enlightening to see these alternative approaches.

    HTML export clearly has some great advantages that, in general, IMO, are still very much untapped.


  • >

    > ...

    > How do you find the time???



    If you love something you always find time to spend

    For me I always have to steal it from tomorrow.....

  • Yeah, I host my game American Villainy on my own site here:

    I also host another program I built (an RPG playing program that I built using C2) here:

    Both are free to play on the site but also have Android versions that are available on the Play Store.

    I get more traffic on the website for them both than I do the Play Store but development is being continued on the mobile versions and not the web based ones. So it gives users a taste of what is offered but not the full game/app. I need to add info for the mobile apps on the web versions, I just haven't made it a priority yet.

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    even got HTTPS my dude <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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