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  • Hi

    I am publishing an app on Android but when a user downloads the app it asks for every permission under the sun.

    I exported the app using Cordova and imported it into Intel XDK. Old tutorials show that you could add and remove permissions from the Mobile App Settings under the drop down named Plugins and Permissions. See link below:

    I downloaded Intel XDK recently and the drop down previously titled Plugins and Permissions is now called Plugin Management.

    There does not appear to be any way to alter the permissions any more. Has anyone else come across this and know a way to get access to edit the permissions?


  • Does anyone have an answer for this please?

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  • Permissions are required by adding plugins. Showing the permissions that your app is requesting alongside a list of plugins you are using would help.

  • "ulysses 31" -- As indicates, the plugins you include in your app determine the permissions that are shown when the app is installed. The standard Cordova build will usually include the "network" permission, and a few older versions of Crosswalk included two or three others.

    If you are building with CLI 6.2.0 and a recent version of Crosswalk and are seeing a lot of permissions, this is due to the Cordova plugins you've included with your app.

    Attempting to remove the permissions from your app, without removing the plugins that require them, will result in problems when your app runs. Those plugins require those permissions because they use Android APIs that require those permissions. If you remove the permissions those API calls will fail when your app runs.

    The best way to control the permissions is to evaluate the plugins you are using and determine which are adding permissions you do not want in your app and see if there is an alternative that might require fewer permissions. For example, if you are using a plugin that implements multiple functions, but you only need one of those functions, you might be able to find a plugin that implements only that single function, in exchange for fewer permission requirements.

  • Thanks for your replies. In XDK, the Plugin Management drop down has the following permissions listed. See below:










    My app only has banner ads so I can understand asking permissions to 'access location' so that the ads are relevant to the user but the others I do not see as being applicable. Is it possible to remove the 'Cordova-Plugin-File' and 'Cordova-Plugin-httpd' plug-ins or do they have some other use that I am not aware of?

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