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  • Previously most games in completed creations were either computer or web games, now all I see is google play (Android) games. Why? Is it because it is easy to make Android games or because more popular?

    And is the dawn of computer games is over? I have a feeling that you have to either build a powerful 3D game on PC or the player won't mostly play it.

    So why are you, developers, preferring Android over Computers and Web??

  • I guess it depends, but construct2 has some nice mobile templates which make it easy to release on android/mobile then a pc. I for one would release on mobile since the audience is bigger and easier to reach, great example recently i made a quick game not thinking about mobile, and when I requested for my friends and family to test it they all said "it would have been easier if you send it to our phones, because i am not on the computer" and to this day i am still waiting on a response from most of them.

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  • Android is an easier target for monetising As far as I saw (you cannot expect people to pay for a "meh.." game on PC, and advertising on PC is a strict no go), and advertising makes it easier (and can be a little too easily added to Cordova or canvas+ based games).

    Making an android game with C2 is harder than making a web game with it (ref. all the post of people complaining about C2 exports to android), but with a web game you have the "oh no what if it got stolen?" / "I cannot monetise it (not in a easy way at least)" / "I do not want to rely on browsers butching my game" / "I do not want it to be played on both PC and tablets/phones".

    The PC community is more demanding than people that play mobile games (most people playing on the phone just want to have some occasionnal fun, a PC gamer however can be easily an hardcore gamer wanting a full fledged game), however browser based games runs fine on most modern devices and PCs and people playing them on either generally wants a good time (I never saw someone complaining about a browser game being too long before someone says that outdated argument).

    But web based gaming still has this reputation of "bad games" or "short time games" or "non serious games", even though this has been proven wrong a lot of time (after all, all of C2's games that do not rely on native features can be played inside a browser, sometimes it is even a better experience inside said browser, and even with the native features issues it is still doable to have a browser fallback coded in most cases.)

    So I can see why mobile rather than PC, but why NEVER web, I cannot see (Only reason I can think of is Money, but surely that would not be that only)..

    PS: do not tell me about the ones doing html5 games to sell them to html5 publishers, all I saw was not video game creation but money absorbtion via template like games.

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