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  • I am working on a top-down shooter for PC which will have gamepad support. Looking at my options for publishing I would like to publish it for Android but I hate touch screen controls for twin stick shooters (just a personal preference) and only want to release my game on mobile with gamepad use.

    Two questions:

    Does it make sense to release an Android game that only supports use with Bluetooth/gamepad controllers, or is the market too small?

    And does any controller that is supported by Android work with C2?

  • You can always start it as an N'Vidia Shield + Shield tablet exclusive, if the game is good enough you can probably get featured on the store. Also, there is Android TV. The Nexus Player is about as power as the first generation Shield, so they're both great starting points.

    There is info here on developing for the Shield devices, with a little bit about AndroidTV:

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  • blekdar That's a good idea, I will look into that. Thanks

  • While it is difficult to play some types of games with touch controls the vast majority of people who own Android devices do not have gamepads for their devices. If you published a gamepad-only Android game you would not have as many downloads as a version with touch controls. Also, the nVidia Shield isn't very popular, so you probably wouldn't get very many downloads if you published for that, either. Modern Combat 5, a first-person shooter for Android that has touch controls, has over 100,000 downloads, and most people who have that game probably aren't using gamepads. This proves that people will buy an android shooter game, even if it has touch controls.

    I hope that helped

  • And does any controller that is supported by Android work with C2?

    This is a question I'm curious to know the answer to myself.

    Anyone know this one? I don't have an Android controller to test it myself.

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