Amazon Appstore rejects because app displays json file

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  • Hi. I submitted my app to the Amazon appstore but they rejected it and said some code is shown on launch.

    Has anyone else this problem? I exported my project for the Amazon Appstore and entered the verifikation/app key to get a .json file.

    I uploaded everything to my server and it seems to run fine there. But the appstore test gets an error.

    I created a ticket and got a reply from them.

    [quote:83uueson]Thank you for writing in. After installing & launching the app on device, we are able to see the below json file on device



    "verification_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",

    "launch_path": "index.html",

    "permissions": [ ],

    "type": "web",

    "version": "1.2",

    "created_by": "Bl4ckSh33p-Soft"



    It seems there is a misconfiguration in URL, rather than referring .html file you might be referring to json file.

    Why does it show the .json file when they test it? I don't see it when I run it on my PC or mobile.

  • The C2 engine would not do this, so it sounds like a mistake on your part. Hard to say what it could be without more information.

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  • But what could I have done wrong? Its not very difficult or complicated to click export, select Amazon Appstore, enter the appkey and then upload everything via FTP.

    I tried it on PC, iPad3, iPhone 5S and an android tablet and it runs fine without any errors or text shown when I open the URL on my server.

    I used 2 Plugins ( ).

    Its a simple app with some countdown timers (). Nothing "special" with effects, physics or animations. Any ideas?

  • It might be best to ask Amazon, especially if you can't see the problem on your own device.

  • Ok, thanks. I will write them and hope they can help.

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