and again: Where to publish? MarketJS vs FGL

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  • Hello

    I don't know where to publish.

    Are MarketJS and FGL the best ones at the moment? Which you prefer?

    Yes i used the "search" in forums. But there are so many different posts and they are (very) old.

    It seems FGL doesn't accept HTML5 anymore. Or they won't really promote them. True?

    Is MarketJS an alternative? Are they alive?

    I really would be happy, if someone helps me. Maybe you have some other hints for me.

    Thank you very much.

    PS: Sorry for my english. Hope you understand it.

  • as far as i know market js is pretty much dead (correct me if wrong)

    FGL is still accepting html5 games , they just gave up on the big new html5 only store as the big promotion effort didn't really lead anywhere.

    for now just put your games up on the regular store for a fixed price - some people seem to do ok that way and you can always make new deals with publishers if they contact you through there e.g sell them the mobile app rights or similar.

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  • Thx.

    So is FGL the only one? (Okay not the only but the biggest)

    Are there other recommendations?

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