Admob - user permision, how you will solve this problem ?

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  • Hello,

    Admob have two type of user permision Admin and User, User have all options, only can not cancel account or click to agree with new rules, can remove or edit all ads.

    I have several partners, and with each partner working on different game, i want allow him to watch earnings, but i not feel good because every partner can edit every ad .

    How to solve this problem ?


  • If they are that untrustworthy then don't give them access. You could try making multiple accounts per different game.

  • thanks dude ! You mean for each partner to open separate account? Is this legal, and can i put same payout for each ?

  • Ok looks like you can't have multiple accounts for different games as they track you and disable them. You'll just have to trust them with visibility of all apps or don't give them any access and provide reports.

  • Thanks, google ads have option for users " read only" but adsense not have it as admob, it is very strange, for earnings platforms they not add option for that.

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  • And this is not about untrustworthy, only, somebody can take their account, or little sister to play around, a lot options for some trouble, just bad filling that somebody have access to all ads on account .

  • if somebody need similar, there is API, and with application you can get separate info .

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