adMob + Phonegap Build workflow?

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  • Hi,

    not sure if this is the right section to ask this.

    I'm trying to implement ads in a iOS game I'm building in C2. I'm using Phonegap Build.

    Steps I do:

    1) Create simple test game in C2

    2) Insert new object > AdMobAds into the project

    3) Add the Banner and Interstitial IDs (previously created in Admob website) into the Admob object properties inside C2.

    3) Create Events to preload and show ads (just banner for testing)

    4) Export with Cordova plugin.

    5) Open the config.xml file and insert this line into the code:

    <gap:plugin name="com.admob.plugin" version="3.0.0" source="" />[/code:xj43z62d]
    6) Create a .zip file and upload to Phonegap Build.
    7) Build and install on my iPhone by scanning QR code.
    By following these steps I have no success.
    If I add the code into the config.xml file I just a black screen when testing on my iPhone.
    If I remove the code the app works but the ads don't show up.
    I've tried different things with no success.
    Any Ideas why isn't working?
  • gleegum

    The same for me. Can't really integrate the ads.

    Guys here tend to ignore the ios problems... that is a shame.

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  • Hi tavi,

    I found a solution for this.

    I was using the wrong plugin, the right one is this:

    to make it work with the Phonegap Build service you just need to add this line of code to your config.xml file:

    <gap:plugin name="" source="" />[/code:2nnpkhlt]
  • hi

    did you get the ads to work as mine show up but they are either unclickable or those that are just disappear and never go to the ad page...

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