What is Admob average pay per click and earnings?

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  • Implemented Admob on my android application (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ulatorplus). Not getting good revenue.

  • Hi Guys

    We are planning to do a Spotify-ish service for ebooks. We have the content and the apps (both Android and Ios). We want to earn on those that are not ready to buy a book but want to read anyway. In other words we want to compete with illegal PDFs in bad quality and offer good quality eBooks (epub) in our app instead.

    One illegal service with free downloads showed before it was shut down statistics of 18.5 Million downloads of a certain number of books. We assume that we can end up at such levels of downloads too (legal of course)

    We will implement a points system where you watch a commercial movie and get a point. 3 points allow you to download one book.

    Our target audience is mainly Middle east but can be any country where people live and read in Arabic

    My question, what kind of profit can be expected per click if we have lets say 55.5M complete clicks and views of Video ads? (18.5M x 3)

    I dont ask exact numbers, just an estimation/qualified guess

    Which system is most suitable? We heard about AdMob, maybe there are some other that are better suited for videos?

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  • i published on app. now its getting 100 install a day but as it is tool. people not spending much time on it. and my revenue as low. is there any other way to monetize this type of app ?

    you can take a look at the apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tools.wa

    another app is i am going to launch ishttps://www.friendshipdayz.com (app preview site)that is friendship day related.

  • good tips

  • Sorry to resurrect an old thread folks but have an admob related question.

    For games like (for example) Flappy Bird where each round was over very quickly, did the game have a new ad appearing on screen each round, or was there a single ad placement that rotated every 30 seconds or so regardless of the game(s) going on above/below it?

    The former seems to be a cheat of the system whereas the latter would deliver significantly less ad but seems fairer and less an abuse of the admob service.

    Also, if the former system was employed, would the ad numbers served count towards the dev’s revenue even if they’re only been served for a second or two?

  • Any feedback on the above question?

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