What shader effects do you want?

  • I would like to see the mesh distortion stuff that was in Classic brought back, I used that quite a bit. I even liked Ashley's little editor for it. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • hakim.se/experiments

    plenty of webGL effects I would like to see on C2

    particularly ...


  • Great list so far! Keep 'em coming.

    Anything I do will be done from "scratch" in so much as anyone writes any code from scratch. So to my knowledge there shouldn't be any copyright or attribution issues. Whatever I am able to produce will be free to use in any manner and I hope others plan to do the same.

    On a side note, I nearly fried my graphics card because of a typo causing a non-terminating, nested for-loop. Shader work is dangerous business. :P

  • Building off of what NotionGames said about shadows. I would love to see lighting effects where you didn't have to use two layers for black. Like a simple way to add an light mask that fills everything else with darkness. Right now there are ways but they are processor intensive using the canvas pluggin etc. I know a lot of people would love lighting. This might not quite fit into shadder effects topic but in my mind it is low hanging fruit for you guys. Lovein Construct 2. Great platform, best Community.

  • +1 for shadow casting and light casting. Gish and Thomas Was Alone make great use of these. It really ups the production values of sidescrolling platformers.

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  • I'd really like to see an Edge Lighting effect.

    Similar to the CC Light Sweep effect in After Effects (minus the actual sweep itself) seen in this tutorial

    With adjustable settings for angle, width, softness etc. Also being able to change those settings with events would be amazing.

    I would use this on every project without question.

  • I'm just surprised that a simple Gaussian blur isn't in the current line-up. I think this should be added asap.

  • sqiddster, saw this today and took a stab at a blur effect. I've got it looking good but I have some misunderstanding of how the alpha channel is handled and right now the alpha ends up black. That is to say, the blur effect looks about right but it is not useful right now because I'm losing the alpha channel in the process. Will keep at it as this is something I have to figure out if I am going to get anywhere.

  • srealist, awesome to hear! Although if I were you I would try to cooberate with scirra as this is really a shader which should be included in the official release.

  • sqiddster - 'blur horizontal' followed by 'blur vertical' is a guassian blur.

  • Oh...

    Well, that's good I suppose, does this impact on performance?

  • sqiddster - yes, blurs are one of the most GPU intensive effects to run. It should be fine on desktops, but avoid it on mobile.

  • Thanks, I meant to ask, is applying the 'horizontal' and 'vertical' blurs separately more expensive than applying a single blur?

  • sqiddster - sort of, there are lots of different ways to implement a blur but blurring horizontally and then vertically afterwards can be a lot more efficient than a badly written single effect to blur.

  • Ashley, OK, sounds good.

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