What shader effects do you want?

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  • sqiddster - sort of, there are lots of different ways to implement a blur but blurring horizontally and then vertically afterwards can be a lot more efficient than a badly written single effect to blur.

    What ever are you implying? :P

    Lemme know if this might be useful to anyone.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I based the blur off of this tutorial as there is no way I'm going to make up a blur procedure from scratch.


    Here is a simple example where I am increasing the intensity every tick until it starts looking retarded then I reset to 0. Nothing fancy:


    It is a horizontal blur, implemented a little different than the stock one in C2. Not sure it adds much, was mostly a learning lesson for me, but I am happy to make it available if it is interesting to anyone.

    Warning: it might be badly written but it runs with no problems on my end.

    Edit: I should add...the animation in the example is done in Construct2, it is not a part of the shader. The shader has a "Blur Amount" parameter than can be set or altered in C2.

  • I would love to see some sort of pixel-growing/mosaic effect, used in a lot of SNES games for transitions.

    Here is an example in flash:


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  • Greg, you can actually already do this with the Pixellate that comes with C2. You would want to dynamically alter the size parameter either using ticks or seconds whilst simultaneously decreasing the alpha. You would then need to do the opposite on the image or layer you are transitioning into.

    Something I've come to understand about the built-in shaders - they are pretty all encompassing. I wondered at first why there were not more animated shaders but I believe they made a wise choice. Rather than write the animation into the shader, they give you access to a parameter so you can have programmatic control.

    I think a few more animated shaders might be nice and will be looking into it but my guess would be that a little bit of imagination would go a long way with what we already have.


    Edit: I can make an example for you if you would like. Probably not tonight but tomorrow.

  • Thanks, I would appreciate an example at your convenience, but no rush. I have more time to access forums than work on my project right now so I wouldn't be able to implement an example into my game for at least a week or two.

    I hadn't looked through the shader effect list until just now, and I can definitely get the effect I am looking for with pixelate and opacity. I didn't realize how extensive the shader list is. There are so many effects available, I wish I had looked into this earlier   <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I would absolutely love an edge detect and fill shader.

    Something which can outline a sprite by also fill it with a colour or even transparency.

  • Neon/Additive Glow: Same idea as additive but without having to render the object multiple times.

    Motion Blur: More true motion blur, for player or bullet effects.

    Deform from ShaderToy (I just want to do exactly what is on that shader.)

  • Colored outline (maybe with thickness parameter) could be useful.

  • Keep listing people, a lot of cool suggestions.

    I hope some will get realised in a near future.

  • CRT filter, so that pixelart games can look better when stretched/fullscreen.

  • I want a Hue Saturation effect that doesn't blow up pixel color values on edges of the sprite. :{

  • Colored outline (maybe with thickness parameter) could be useful.

    I would absolutely love an edge detect and fill shader.

    Something which can outline a sprite by also fill it with a colour or even transparency.

    Just wanted to second both of these.

  • If anyone makes damaged VHS effect, it would be great awesome!

  • 2 cents from me, 2 cents from me! Awesomeness - add effects like filters from Flash - glow, gradient glow, bevel, gradient bevel, pleaeaeaeaease! :3

  • Bokeh effect and Radial bokeh.

    chromatic aberration (with radial option too)

    I think all affects should have a radial option.

  • It would be great to have some kind of support for cut-scenes.

    There is a lot of ways to do this.

    From video loading (off-line and on-line) to some kind of vector interpolated animation or flash support.

    Its incredible painful to perform this kind of task today. You have to actually program all the movements, camera movements objects reactions sounds, etc, with the art game and it will never look as good as if were done in after effects or flash. It is simply not a tool for that.

    It would be great if someone thinks of a plugin to deal with this kind of task.

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