Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

  • alexandrell77a

    Your kind words are very appreciated! seeing stuff like this puts a smile on my face, and especially seeing people sign up on the forum only to post in my thread ). I feel bad that documentation is lacking right now especially because of all those features i've put in that nobody realizes are there / or understands how to fully use, but it'll be the next thing I work on after bones & physics. Again thank you for buying the plugin and being patient with the development! And if there are minor feature requests people have I do my best to meet their needs (within whats feasible for me as the sole developer of this plugin).

    Also if anyone's interested, I'm co-developer of the roguelike platformer TowerClimb made in Construct Classic, kind of a shameless plug but it's some of my earlier work .

  • Do q3d sprites support lighting/materials stuff?

  • ......... TowerClimb made in Construct Classic, kind of a shameless plug but it's some of my earlier work .

    that game is dope )

  • Another question: how can I drag'n'drop a q3d object in-game correctly?

  • Android-Music

    Q3d sprites dont support lightjng as theyre meant to be highly optimized, but nothings stopping you from using a q3d model with a normal map + diffuse map on a plane to do the same thing.

    For 3d drag and drop you need to do linear algebra with mouse coords projected onto some mathematical plane in 3d space.

  • Erghm now I have even more questions...

    Okay let's start with two - is it possible to animate a texture on a q3d model? Example?

    What kind of linear algebra - can you provide an example or at least a basic formula?

  • http://geomalgorithms.com/a05-_intersect-1.html

    vector stuff like this, you'd need to cast a normalized ray from screen-space etc. Knowing this kind of basic stuff is pretty essential for 3D work.

    Yes you animate/apply textures using the same operation, simply by using an animation called "DiffuseMap" with multiple frames on a Q3Dmodel with UV maps

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  • Great, now animation stuff is kinda clear to me, thanks!

    But I can't get how that intersection stuff can be applied in Q3D, most of its stuff like operators or expressions or other stuff are still unknown to me(shrugs). Is there any info on that? I'm pretty sure a .capx example would not hurt

    Thanks for the article, I'll be sure to try it somewhere else as well!

  • Another question: how can I drag'n'drop a q3d object in-game correctly?

    for the drag and drop you need to cast a q3draycaster taht shows u the mouse X ,y Z in the 3d world, then u take those coordonates and set the position of the object cliked and dragged. u can get exactly that drag and drop by looking at the raycasting example(viewport /ray casting) and also the 2dphysics has a drag and drop effect

  • QuaziGNRLnose , it's been a while now, any plans for (at-least-a-basic) workflow tutorial..? And what are the news from the manual's front..? Anytime soon would be awesome...

  • Hello! I have a problem here.

    I'm adding a save system to my game, but when I try to save, or load, I get an error:


    Here's a simple capx, that represents the problem

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/546 ... e_bug.capx

    Any help with that?

  • RadioMars

    The plugin isn't able to simply save it's entire state yet, so you'll have to set up a system to save some other way.

  • I see. So does excluding with "no save" behavior works? I mean, if I use some proxy 2d objects on a scene, then save state, with q3d objects excluded, and upon loading recreate q3d objects, using 2d proxies?

  • that should work depending on how you implement it.

  • Got it. Thanks for answering. Will saving state be included in future updates? If so, I would rather focus on other aspects of my game.

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