Google Analytics and Utilities (CSS and JS import) FREE

  • Google Analytics and Handy Utilities (CSS and JS project import among others)

    I recently uploaded a small plugin called Handy Utilities with a couple of usefull date/time expressions for creating, converting and formating date/time values and another feature for integration Google Analytics directly in your project.

    If you'd like to free-track your visitors and event send events to your analytics console, then this plugin will help you up. You just have to own a Google Analytics property (your personal domain) and if you upload it to sites like Kong, NG and others you can still track it as long as you include this plugin.

    Another feature is the possibility to inject CSS and javascript code into your project, this is helpfull if you are in C3 using C2 Runtime. You simply have to create your CSS/JS files inside your project, request them with AJAX Plugin and then inject it to your game as a string, using the provided actions.

    Pluggin supports C2 and C3 runtimes

    Here's the link, is totally free and documented.



    Happy coding! or... no-coding in Construct 3 :D

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