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  • Greetings, hello and sorry that I reanimate that old Topic ;)

    How do I add bullets to the stock like I (my character) picked up some ammo?

    Clip size:10

    Bullets in Clip: 10

    Bullets in Stock: 10

    Stick Size: -1

    With this configuration my character can shoot 10 times, then he have to reload and can shoot 10 times again - thats all and thats fine ;)

    When i "pick up" an ammo and use "add 10 bullets to clip" my character can shoot again 10 times. Thats fine. But when i pick up more ammo-objects then one, 10 bullets will add to the clip, all other generate a negative number for the Bullets in Stock.

    Example: i have no ammo, pick up one ammo-object (add 10 bullets to clip), shoot 5 times (5 left in clip), pick another ammo-object the bullets in the clip changed to 10 but the bullets in the stock changed to -5. When i pick next ammo-object the bullets in stock changed to -15.

    What do i do wrong?

    Greetings from Austria and sorry for my english ;)

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  • I have no idea on this plugin/behaviour, but if you're only increasing clip size, this might the problem.

    Try increase stock too. The way it got programmed it could be using clip as a portion of stock. So when u fire it decreases from clip, decreasing indirectly from stock too.

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