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  • Ok. Now I has finished testing my second plugin-behavior. WEAPON! (about my first plugin-behavior you can read a funny message)

    It make from your object a "real" weapon. You can add some same behaviors with different params for imitation more then one weapons on the object!

    The object with this behavior have a clip for bullets and bullets in stock.

    You must set the bullet name from your project by setting it from Events sheet by the "Set bullet instance" action.

        *** Properties ([Name] = [default_value] ([comment])):

            * Clip size = -1 (unlimited)

            * Bullets in clip = -1 (unlimited)

            * Bullets in stock = -1 (unlimited)

            * Stock size = -1 (unlimited)

            * Shoot interval = 100 (ms)

            * Reload time = 1000 (ms)

            * Auto-reload = "Yes" ("No")

            * User control = "Burst" ("Single", "None")

            * Enabled = "Yes" ("No")

            * Shoot key = "" (for example: "32" or "spacebar")

            * Reload key = "" (for example: "r" or "R")

            * Weapon image-point = "0" (image-point index of sprite)

    Actions, Conditions and Expressions you can see in C2 or in source of plugin :)

    Installing: unpack folder from jj_weapon.zip to the behaviors directory of your C2 html5 exporters.

    I'm new to C2, so please report bugs and write their suggestions on improving the capacity plug-in or upgrade code.

    Maybe it would be better to insert a dropdown for keycode, instead of a text? But then it will be long ...

  • Cool~ All-In-One plugn

  • Thanks JohnJ! This plugin can save me alot of times :P

  • hym i have error with this plugin when i start construct 2 exe

  • Show a screenshot of the error, please. Has anyone else had this problem?

    P.S. it is behavior, not plugin...

  • Thanks for this, it will save loads of time.

  • There is an error when starting construct2 by adding this behaviour

  • I am sorry for that it is because of the way it was copied.Inside the folder there was another jjweapon folder.Now it is fine

  • delgado: I think you have the same problem as that of the vyshas.

  • OMG thats right i change this and work fine now :)

  • This does not work with construct 2 r70

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  • Nevermind I got it working :) was being silly, allthough how do i set what to use as a bullet?

  • smitchell, you must create a "Set bullet instance" action in the events sheet for you object with jjweapon behavior and select a bullet.

  • Yeah i figured it out thanks :)

  • very nice behavior <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    can i set it up to shot with left click?

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