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  • Since I often create some stuff that might people interesst, I'll start that thread here^^

    I'll update this post as soon as I got something new.




  • Update

    360? menu

    This menu reads out sprites in a folder no matter how many or what name they have and place them in a circle. You are able to browse through the items with right/left arrows.

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26932498/360_menu/screen.png" border="0">

    Tell me, if you have questions or requests.

    I know, that the wait object is buggy, but I couldn't get a rid of it, without breaking the functionality of the menu.

    edit: At the moment, the sprite needs as much animation frames as many sprites are in the folder.

  • Where do I get Hue Tint.fx?

    EDIT: Nvm, found it here.

    The menu is pretty cool <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Fixed^^ you don't need it anymore. Forgot to delete it from the sprite.

    Just redownload it.

    edit: oh, well, I think I'll implement the hue feature later again. But the only thing it was doing, was coloring the sprites to hue=360/sprite.count, using the 'step' variable in a foreach condition.

    Nice effect, but since we want to use differend sprites, might be useless.

    edit2: Thank you :) I'll make later many global variables, that handle a few functions to have more control about the visual style of the menu.

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  • Very useful .caps zyblade! I can easily imagine all the possibilities that can be done with that menu. And imho it's not hard to modify it, so you're the man!

  • Thanks Wolod!

    Maybe you're right. When someone needs help with the menu, he will reply here anyway.

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