Zuma turret

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  • Zuma turret example

    This was quickly made, but it works well. It's like the turret in a game like Zuma Deluxe or Sparkle. I also included a purple ball and two walls. The blue wall is the no-grav wall, while the red one is the yes-grav wall (lol), and, every time you shoot the purple ball, the walls invert, making the gravity different.

    Future Plans

    [quote:1uwzdq9y]My plan is to have four walls, each a different color. Shooting a wall with a specific color ball will change the wall to that color. Whenever the "special" ball hits the matching color, you gain points and the walls randomize their colors; whenever the ball hits another color, your score drops.

    Also, whenever the dynamic ball is hit by your ammunition, its fill color will become its border, the fill color will change, and the ball will be attracted to anything sharing the border color.

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