Weird idea for inking scans

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  • I got a random sketch of a robot off google to trace around

    Left click moves slowly, right click moves faster, left + right moves fastest.

    Middle click or 'enter' to reposition the cursor

    The brush drags towards the mouse

    Waste some time and have a go at drawing around the robots' face and see what you think of the 'feel' of this technique

    I just find for inking sketches unless u have a tablet, or understand how the vectorial pen tool works, or have a really steady hand and a great mouse, it's rather tricky and the lines dont get the smoothness that the artist desires. What do you guys think?

  • ummm beizer curves are really easy for getting outlines ...

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  • Ah thats like what the pen tool in photoshop does right?

    I should probably try out illustrator some day because I think its designed so when you draw with a pen tool you see the stroke of the brush instantly and can adjust it afterwards....hmm...

  • i find this good, and i personally hate bezier curves which you manually pull, i like to use powerpoints curve tool for inking stuff in, much faster for me, and i dont have to mess around with lots of layers

  • Interesting idea. I wouldn't use it for drawing, but it might make for an ineteresting real-time Line Rider type game.

    Ah thats like what the pen tool in photoshop does right?

    Yep, and if you practice with it a little it'll be your best friend. It has a steep learning curve (no pun intended), but is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop.

  • Yeah I'm quite experienced with the pen tool because I use it at work to clip out cars...and i've clips hundreds...but it takes people a while to get the hang of it...I thought this might be an easy way for people to produce smooth brush strokes...I guess not heh

  • I used point/angle for drawing paths for an editor I did. Just add a new point at each angle change and/or pause/release. Then connect them in order after.

    Not really all that smooth, but it was for A.I. paths and what-not so it didn't have to be.

    Similar method to vector, just not as smooth

  • btw I made a nice little macro in photoshop that really aids with inking pictures. It simply strokes the workpath, and then deletes it, and I assigned F12 for it.

    Then when I outline a scanned picture I use the pen tool and hit F12 when I need to start a new line. It works really well for me and leaves my images looking smooth and all natural! It gets rid of those nasty wrinkles I get when I try to draw with the mouse, and no longer causes me headaches when I try to use shape layers and stuff. However it means your image isn't vector, but if you just want to work in pixels it works fine. Saves me lots of time anyway

    I've attached the macro if your interested but are too lazy to record it yourself.

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