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  • Alright, I think a thread like this could be _really_ awesome. Basically, the rules are: Explain a feature or something that you've just found out using the wonders of video (and audio, heh!).

    I'll start. I'll quickly go over how to set background music for a layout and a sound effect for a certain event. Here we go:

    My video tutorials will be stored here: ... io2_01.avi (20mb)

    Edit: Youtube Version:

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    And maybe I'll just youtube 'em.

    Also, I'm still a beginner with Construct, so I'll most likely screw up here and there or not use the most efficient solution in some cases, but I hope that doesn't matter - we can discuss better ways of doing things based on the 'screwed up videos' here as well, which could be a cool learning resource. The idea is just to get this sort of dynamic going, since learning through videos is probably the fastest way to learn.

  • Interesting! I'll take a look.

  • This is a great idea! It'd be really useful to have a list of mini video-tutorials on how to do simple tasks. We could list them on the wiki as well to help new users. What do you think?

  • That's what I was thinking. If every user adds a couple of video tutorials based on real time scenarios, we'd quickly have a pretty awesome documentation.

    Most users will probably want to start out with a simple adventure game, a platformer or whatever and a lot of them would be dealing with the same set of problems (how do I set the character controls? How do I add sound and music? How do I add dialogue? How do I define animation?). If you can watch someone else solving this problem, you'll have a much easier time understanding why shit happens and how things should work.

    The way I see it: Game Creators should be busy with the actual game creation and spend less time solving technical problems. That's why Construct is so wonderfully refreshing

    Deadeye, you're next

  • Very nice tutorial, but may I suggest using Vimeo instead of YouTube, for video quality reasons?

    Your AVI was perfect, apart from the audio sync when you tested the jumping (which I guess is a video capture issue more than anything else). However the YouTube version is barely watchable, since the fine text on the event sheet was just a smudge of pixels.

    Can't wait to see more.

    I have access to camtasia through work, maybe I'll try my hand at some as well.

  • I hope you don't mind, but I threw up a few links to the videos on your server on the wiki. I understand they're large files hosted on your server so if the bandwidth is a problem, let me know and we can try youtubing them or something like that. Thanks - I like these videos

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  • Nah, no problem, I'll tell you before my host is gonna kill me, but I think we should have more than enough bandwidth

    I'll keep doing these vids once my new project is a little more... presentable. They're fairly quick to do and will probably help new users get into the app really quickly - together with deadeyes platforming school thingy and the wiki itself.

  • Thanks for the video's! Really good point about using the binary resource bar and "play from resource" action in the Xaudio2 tutorial. I'm going to use that from now on - makes it a cinch to add sound actions. Also liked the separate event sheet for sounds. The video is great quality, too - I could see everything clearly on my 24" monitor. Thanks for hosting the download!

  • Good initiative. You're right, video-learning might be the fastest way.

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