Tutorial Fighter (updated 9/15/10)

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  • Anyone else having problems with the block of code on line 19? It's giving me all sorts of grief. With this block of code in my file, it sets my state2 to 1 automatically and ignores all user input as stated, but the same block of code in the tutorial .cap here works flawlessly. I'll post up the .cap if I had enough of bashing my head... just wondering if anyone else is having probs with the punching implementation.


  • Anyone else having problems with the block of code on line 19?

    Make sure line 19, 22, and 24 are ALL SUB-EVENTS of line 18. If you already have that, then I don't know, I'll have to take another look

  • Thx L5j, that was indeed the prob, plus the fact that I didn't add a buffer01 variable thinking I didn't need it to perform one punch...

    *note to self, must learn proper hierarchies*

    Now unto the next hurdles


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  • I'm having issues opening Part 1 inside the latest version of Construct. Anyone else?

  • Stardog

    Just loaded this into 0.99.9 without a problem.

    Fantastic work UberLou - really smooth.

  • Thanks for checking it in the newer version zenox98, it works on mine too. Stardog, you should be fine if you use 99.9

  • Yeah, the recent one works, but 0.99.62 doesn't.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for this, so rich and detailed. You just don't see that many tutorials on how to do this kind of thing. Awesome.

  • I just go a round to look at this to day. I must say grade A work you got there.

    when is part two coming out?

    and I think you should make an enemy fight back for part four.

  • Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback!

    when is part two coming out?

    Sorry it's taking so long. The new 3D object distracted me from the tutorial and I've been experimenting with it a whole bunch. I'll get back to this tonight and hopefully have part 2 done in a week or so.

  • Part 2 of Tutorial Fighter is just about done! I've been really busy lately so I haven't done a full write up yet and I also wanted to make sure all the comments in the cap were complete. That might take awhile, so I thought I'd post the file if people wanted to take an early look. I'll update this post and link it to the main page when the tutorial is finalized. I also made a few changes to Part 1 which is documented in the quick notes.

    Download the cap file

    Download quick notes

  • great as always. This will help all the new comers. A+!

  • Just wanted to say that this is a perfect inspiration for the type of game I'm making... really impressive work.

  • Part 2 is looking great so far!

    I have to say, your simple art style just looks amazing!

  • Very nice tutorial! I've been meaning to create a fighting game!

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