Tutorial: CrazyRobbie's basic platformer

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  • Hello all,

    while waiting for the new version of the Platform School, I just ended writing a very simple tutorial for a basic platformer.

    I uploaded a zip file containing step-by-step instructions in pdf, a cap file of the final game and some graphics for sprites (borrowed from the Platform School tutorials) here:

    http://programandplay.com/tutorials/Cra ... torial.zip

    The game was developed in version 0.99.62 and seems to run as expected but I actually noticed some problems in the collision detection between sprites which doesn't seem to register every time it happens, anyway I read in other posts that there are known issues there that are currently being fixed, so that may be the reason?

    In any case, I'd be happy to get some feedback: do you think it is clear enough? can it be useful? are there any mistakes? how can it be improved? In one word, anything!



  • Hi

    I'm glad you are interested in making tutorials for Construct, and your tutorial is very well written. However, I would appreciate it if you did not use my graphics. People have asked in the past if they could use the Platform School sprites for their own projects, and the answer is always no. If you could remove this and re-release it with your own graphics, I would appreciate it greatly.

    Also, a few technical flaws I've noticed with your tutorial:

    1. You have no proper collision mask for the player sprite. This results in being able to hang off of the edge of a platform by pixels sticking out like so:

    <img src="http://i40.tinypic.com/aes3h4.png">

    2. The Charlie and Doomba sprites are both set to Solid, which means they will not collide consistently. Collision happens when two sprites overlap, and under normal circumstances a Platform Behavior object will not overlap with a Solid.

    3. Your ladder climbing uses a set pixel amount per tick which is not framerate independent. You should use the Platform Behavior's "Set Y Component of Motion" action, or TimeDelta.

  • Note: The collision mask bug should not be present in version 0.99.62.

  • Hello Deadeye,

    sure, I'll look for other sprites as soon as I can. Since this was not meant to be a "game" but just a free tutorial, I took the freedom of re-using them to speed up the development (I can't draw!), sorry.

    Thanks also for the other comments.



  • Damage is kind of wonky in .99.84 so I hope the next update fixes the problem

  • Very nicely done tutorial. Looking forward to many more.

    On the graphics front, there are a bunch of places on the internet that offer free for non-commercial use graphics (assuming you give citation). I'm sure you will find plenty of free graphics to re-work the tutorial.

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  • Hi,

    I updated the tutorial with a new set of graphics. The above link now refers to the new file.

    Now I'll look at improving the collision detection...

    Anyway, the sprite hanging at the side of the platform wasn't a bug but a... feature (as programmers love to say


  • I updated the tutorial with a new set of graphics.

    Thank you

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