Tower defense game so far

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  • I've yet to add upgrading towers, but here's a basic tower defense game so far.

    (I am going to finish it soon)

  • Pretty cool. I made something like this a long time ago but it was with a very earlier version of Construct so the cap got fuk'd up...

    Here it is anyway. ... 4_td17.cap

    I don't want to be rude but since I want to resurrect this project someday don't use the sprites

  • Looks cool, one little bug tho.

    On the first turn I sometimes get a bug that misses it and keeps going about 4 tiles.

  • <img src="">

    Heh . Some of those towers are actually 20 or more towers stacked on one spot.

    Oh, and as you can see, sometimes the bugs will step out of line if there's a lot of action onscreen...

  • Pretty cool game, though at one point I had a bug walk left onto the grass area instead of turning at the first right. Even though I only had a few things on screen.

  • Just played it and I love it! A little on the easy side, in fact, it's impossible to lose! I hit space bar 10 times in a row and I'm still alive (though some did deviate off the path).

    I've always loved Tower Defense games and I wanted to make one using Construct. Well, you've done it first... Can't wait to play the completed version.

    Spacebar abuse!

    <img src="">

  • Oh, I've been bashing my head in with my grid_defense project and then Rich got inspired by it. He went and made this within an insanely short amount of time - at least compared to the time I wasted on mine!

    I'll post my project when its basic features are ironed out, the instance picking problems are causing me grey hair.

  • This is why we could really use a path movement control. Things like TD games where the enemy follows a specific route would work super easy with a path movement type, and they would never deviate from the designated route.

    After Chamber is finished, I am considering a tower defence game as well... I've had an idea for ages for one but never gotten around to starting it.


  • Hmm, I have no idea why the bugs would move outside the path!

    Yeah a path movement would be perhaps more suited to this.

  • Hmm, I have no idea why the bugs would move outside the path!

    Yeah a path movement would be perhaps more suited to this.

    Maybe if too many bugs collide at once with the "change direction collider" Construct doesn't register the collisions?

  • It's picking the wrong detectors. I'll have to get it debugged..

  • Looking good!

  • Here's a new version with several fixed things:

    • bugs can't go off the path
    • right click properly cancels building
    • can't place towers on each other
    • projectiles now destroy themselves if their target dies

    I've thrown in some comments but I'm nowhere near done commenting it. I plan to turn it into a tutorial when I'm fully done.

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  • <img src="">

  • I'm quite new to Construct, but I already love it! Have worked with Game Maker, but find it less intuitive and limiting, plus I am a big open source fan. Anyway, I am greatly looking forward to your tutorial as I plan to build a tower defense game with construct.

    I wonder if you could help me with a snag, I want my game to allow the waves to move to the target by any direction possible, only to be blocked by turrets?

    Using your game as a better explanation: In your version, there is a set path. In mine, I would like no set path, so the player must create one by blocking the waves with turrets. Of course the player would not be able to block an entire side. A similar game is the Robodefense game on the android market. I'm looking for the same functionality with a few twists, but no aircraft. Think you can help me?

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