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    [quote:3dzt7z44]Platform Movement :

    [quote:3dzt7z44]* Platform Movement sprites or object don't interact with physical object. To fix this you must create an event based movement on a Physics Movement object.

    [quote:3dzt7z44]* Collisions are "Per-Pixel", so if your character have a long gun, it may stuck on platform, and make your character grab there. To avoid this you can do two simple operations :

    1) Having another object for the weapon and setting it't position to the character.

    2) Change the Collision Mode for the character, either in "Bounding Box" (collisions are managed by the full size of the sprite, usually a rectangle), or "Per-Point", which means that only the main point of the character will collide (1x1 pixel collision).

    [quote:3dzt7z44]*Set Speed and Set Max Speed aren't the same events! Set Max Speed sets the speed the sprite or object can reach moving; Set Speed sets the current speed of the sprite or object.

    [quote:3dzt7z44]* Colliders. What are colliders? Basically colliders are sprites or object that make developer and player's life easier. Colliders are usually four, and they should always be in the position around the character. The character shouldn't be Platform

    Movement, instead the feet collider (downmost one) should be a Platform Movement sprite or object. Now, put all colliders in a family. When any of a collider overlaps/collides with the wall, the feet collider should stop moving. This is good because the collisions won't be managed by the character; size changing in animation of the character won't affect collisions; and you can set colliders where you want, so character could even overlap walls.


    RTS Movement

    [quote:3dzt7z44]* Pathfinding it's not perfect! Pathfinding it's based on a grid, usually 60x60 (customizable from the properties). To pathfind, the CPU findes the shortest path to the objective, thinking in cells, not in pixels. "More cell size = Less CPU memory" and viceversa.

    I will keep this list updated when I discover a cool tip or trick. Now I've got to go to bed, I'll continue tomorrow!

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  • Great idea, I don't know why this topic was the last of the forum.

    The topic must go on.

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