Timeline example for game dialogue

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  • Not my best of examples but it does the trick.

  • Cant Open:

    "This file was saved in a newer version of Construct and can't open it."

  • it was made in construct 0984, you have to download that version manually for now.

  • Wow, that timeline object is going to make in-game cinematics so much easier. Awesome job!

  • Holy... cow...

  • AWESOME! Now I get it. Thanks a lot!

  • WOOOOOOAH. Awesome and original plugin!

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  • WOOOOOOAH. Awesome and original plugin!

    Game Mkae has a timeline function as well.

  • For the record I sat down for an hour and planned out how to mod the timeline to make it as flexible and powerful as possible. However, how does the timeline function work in Game Maker ?

  • The game maker timeline uses steps (basically ticks) as it's time scale, and when you add a point in time you can then directly add actions and code that should execute when that time is reached or passed.

  • oh, you can do that in events by comparing timer as well. But this plugin is kind of more flexible because periods happen other other periods, and u can cut a period short...so its like the timeline is a bit more dynamic.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that timelines in Game Maker generally attach to an object, and then the code in the timeline executes as if it were dealing with the object itself. Therefore, you can create generic timelines which might make an object shake or spawn explosions around it and then that timeline can be used on any object you attach it to.

  • That's pretty awesome. I think I've spotted a bug though. If I click on my timeline in the layout editor, then on edit and create another timeline (timeline 2) inside the timeline editor then I can't delete that new timeline anymore.

    Is that intended?

  • Pretty nice!

    Also, about that bug... it seems that when you select a timeline within the timeline editor, it actually doesn't get selected. Like selecting Intro doesn't show it, after you've created another timeline.

  • Right, happens here too. Also, if you add a period, you can't delete that one either. It only disappears once you delete the name of the period, which is kinda... not obvious.

    Also, how do I make interchangable text? Like, two characters talking? I'd imagine I'd simply set the 'Start' Value of one period to 'After XXX' - but there's only 'After previous' and 'With previous', so no joy. It'd be nice if Construct would simply list all the periods across all timelines in that rollout bar, so we could simply pick the one we'd need.

    Example: I have 2 timelines in my timeline object, one is called Bill, the other is called Bob.

    I start with Bills timeline:

    Start: After previous, Name: 01, set the text for the parameter 1 (a bigger textfield would be neat too, so we could actually write dialogue ) and jump over to the Bob timeline. Now it's Bobs turn:

    Start: After Bill('01'), Name: 01, set the text for the parameter.

    Pretty simple, especially if Construct would index the existing 'Name' fields for me whenever I click on a 'Start' rollout field.

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