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Time rewind like in "Braid". Choose objects that will be affected by time rewind
  • Simply example of reversing time up to 3 seconds (i think), move with Arrows and hit R to reverse in Tiiiiiiimeeee. You have to Push and hold "R" in Platform (Deadeye) version to Reverse Time.

  • That's really cool!

    I increased the length of time stored to around 40 seconds without any slowdown or problems. I'm sure there's an upper limit on how much you can store in the List object, but it must be pretty big.

  • This is a nice way of doing it, never really looked at the list object.

  • this is an alright way to do it, but the best way would probably be to store when and how a guy walked/jumped/ did anything, and for how long he did it. that way u dont need to store a million positions if youre tracking more than one thing.

  • I quickly created a behavior to do this, but it's got a few problems, so it may be a few days till I have time.

  • Wow! If we get a time reverse behaviour, I'll feel almost obliged to make a platformer/puzzler around it. You can't *not* use something that cool.

    (Even for people making traditional platformers, the behaviour could be useful as a way to let the player retry difficult areas without breaking the flow of gameplay - like in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.)

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  • Wow! If we get a time reverse behaviour etc etc

    I believe what Rich was working on was actually a behavior that logs changes in the state of your object (in response to Quazi's post, not Doppel's.)

  • It logs changes and can play them back; adding a playback in reverse would be trivial (once the main issues are sorted).

  • It logs changes and can play them back;

    Oh, that I did not know

  • Bump

    Did rich ever do something with this object? I would really need a way to rewind everything in the game (all objects, values etc.) a coupple of seconds, but i guess it takes some work.

  • No, he never did.

    Hell, judging from the date on his post it might have just been a joke.

  • Huuuuuuuge time reversing bump!

    Wow, I never thought about the date on his post...

  • yeah... ironic.

    Well, since there's a bunch of people creating plugins at amazing speed right now, maybe someone could give this thing a try.

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