Tetruct - tetris clone example

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  • Hello,

    Just like most other game developers, as a part of learning I've built a simple and aptly named tetris clone - Tetruct! Nothing fancy, very simple, it increases speed (by a little) when a line is destroyed. There are a few glitches, too, namely:

    • the T piece seems to get stuck on 'corner' - sometimes
    • sometimes piece may 'merge' with others.
    • rotating pieces is not well implemented (they still rotate into obstacles)
    • not every line is destroyed

    I am open for any comments, I want to get this polished. Please point any flaws out and suggest better solutions.

    Thank you for your input


    P.S.: Standard controls:

    Up Arrow - rotate piece

    Left and Right Arrow - move piece left or right

    Down Arrow (hold) - speed the piece up

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  • <img src="http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/5180/failtrisqy1.png">

    LOL weird bug i say.

  • Very nice!

    ...though I would have gone with "Constructris"

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