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  • Hello everyone, I know I'm new here and I only been a member for a few day, but I'm not new to game making, em..anyways, I have been studying the features and interface of this amazing engine since last nite and I made this little tank example just to help me get started, reason why I choose a tank was because well it's one of my favorite thing in games and I haven't seen very many caps on the forum so thats why I choose to do this, and I want to share it with everyone, this example features tank movement with mouse control Torrent with cross hair,and some tank tracks,I also added mussel flashes to the torrent and machine guns, the tank was made by me, so anyone who wants to use it can do so without royal, the background I got when I bought a pack from Total Textures.


    W,A,D,S controls the tank.

    Mouse with cross hair controls torrent.

    The left mouse button fires the torrent.

    The right mouse button fires the machine guns.


    http://www.4shared.com/file/170318158/c ... mple1.html

    I'm still working on more to this example as I'm still studying the feature so I will updates as I complete new features, but until then Enjoy!


  • That's a really nice example, and the handling of tracks is clever (at least I didn't think of doing it that way).

    I'd only remove the On Collision between tank and tracks, and instead place tracks behind tank right after creating them. This removes a lot of collision calculations.

  • Thanks I'm glad you liked you liked it, I will be updating this with some other features later on, right now Im still studying everything until I know how to do the things I like to do that I learned from other engines, so just keep an eye out.


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  • Something interesting you could try would be to give the turret a cool down between each fire. You could then make the camera follow the round that is fired. That way it would make for tactical shots far across the map.

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