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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the board, been using Construct for about a week now.

    I'm hoping to develop a platformer type game with Construct, and am planning to write a step by step guide to the various features I'm planning:

    -a robust platformer state system

    -implementing animations for every conceivable state

    -smooth combat system using buffered attacks/combos and targetting

    -very modular design (trying to keep event sheets as neat as possible)

    It'll also include (as part of the state system example):

    Wall slide, wall jump, wall climb (ladders, etc.), floor slide, double jump, super jump, charge, mid-air charge, grappling hooks/swinging from ropes, gliding and flying, hanging from wall ledge, crouching, up against wall, backdash.

    All with well defined transitions between one another. I'll be using Chumbucket's popular sprite sheet for animations, and other random royalty free art I find.

    Example cap:

    Try double jumping, wall jumping, and the triple punch combo.

    To jumpkick, press attack while double jumping.

    Comments on what I have now would be very appreciated. I'm focusing on manageability, so any tips on how to clean up the code, or do something in a simpler way would be great.

  • I wanted to check it out, but I was unable to get it to run

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  • I must have forgotten to disable the shader effects. I uploaded an updated one without any effects and with a few more animation states. Same link as the first post.

  • I quite liked the effects Either way, looking nice - keep it up, and looking forward to the finished article.

    Just one small suggestion: maybe try to integrate sglorz's interesting input system so that joysticks can be used.

  • Thanx for the nice .cap example!

    Hope it would turn a bit more tutorial-like for at least topics not so novice, like:



    -pick one at random



    Eagerly waiting for more.

  • Coming from MMF2 myself, I see you're still using the same mentality in events. My second reaction is that the code feels bloated and needless to say, redundant. Just use the platform behaviour, it will save you time, performance and code-readability. I know you're cringing by now, but compared to MMF2's platform behaviour, Construct's platform behaviour actually does what you want it to do and you can turn it off when it doesn't

    However, I'm new to Construct by a couple of months so, take my words with a grain of salt.

    Good Luck with your tutorial.

  • I actually never used MMF. The reason I recreated the platformer functionality is because I needed more control over animation. Using the built-in animation tags tends to "overpower" any other animations you set. You can't even have different animations for walking/running if you just use the built-in platformer animation system.

    Also, having states for everything, even basic states like walking and jumping which are handled by the platformer behavior, makes it much easier to handle transitions. I agree the code isn't as pretty as it could be, but it makes adding new states really easy

    New example update coming later on which includes more states, attacks and uses sglorz's input system. Once thats up I start working on the actual tutorial

  • Using the built-in animation tags tends to "overpower" any other animations you set. l

    Yeah so don't use the built-in animation tags? If you just use the platform behaviour and then set two or tree events "If key is pressed play this animation" and now you've replaced your entire CAP.

  • The cap is supposed to demonstrate a state machine

    There are many benefits to knowing the exact state as opposed to just having "If jumping set animation 'jumping'". Simply doing "if keydown(move left) or keydown(move right) then set animation 'running'" doesn't offer the same control or flexibility as a state machine.

    Example updated to include double jumps, wall slide, wall jump, triple-punch combo, and jump kick. I'm now adding a proper control options screen and commenting the code. First part of the tutorial should be up soon and will introduce state machines and explain the code I used to implement one.

  • Looks and plays smoothly - good work Oh, and the gamepad works a treat!

    The way the guy hangs and slides down the wall remonds me of Assassin on the Amiga Nice!

  • Very Nice !!

    I'm too new to Construct. And would enjoy seeing you do a full tutorial on your Super Platform..

    just tried it, and liked it allot.

    I agree with you about having more control over the events..

    But also see the plus side of using the very good Platform extension..

    Either way I look forward to your tutorial...


    Maybe you could try it your way and the extension way?

    Be good to see the Plus and Negatives of both..

  • If you planning to make tutorial about how you archive this I will be very happy. Thanks for t he .cap file but I don't understand anything - too much for beginner.

  • it gives me the error:

    "Failed to load application: The following plugins could not be found.

    Input System (Input System.csx)

    Please install these plugins and try again. You may be able to find the plugins at .

  • This is amazing ! The engine is awesome !! Are you going to make a game with that ??

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