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  • meant to post this b4 but heres some examples of sub animations.

    most dont know about sub animatons but basically you might not need pvs for much stuff dealing with just parent child levels of actions like walking/running + attacking or being hit or knocked out of those animations. you can set up your actions thru animations and sub animations could take care of complex actions in between. its easier to debug also because its more visual and since there can only be one animations playing at a time it prevents some human errors that might occur with pv/storing values. a big thing is you can use the same key for multiple animtions without a variable like the example caps show.

    kapz gat mo detailz.

    hope tis helpful fellas/ladeez. happy huntin


    i think i may have forgotten to mention in cap but when in walk state use arrow keys to move across plane.

    -edit 2-

    also read the -edit- from my post in this related thread.

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