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Is a circular loading screen with code ready to use. No Animation.
  • Would work a lot better if canvas had a 'draw layer into me' action but meh....

    Basically I saw a trailer of Lego Indian Jones 2, and it had this awesome feature where when two players were close to each other it used one screen, but when they were appart the screen 'ripped'. But it was so...elegant...such a lovely solution to the whole 'make other play catchup' problem or the 'not enough screen space' problem.

    So I had a go at doing something similar in Construct

    In one event

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/939828/Split%20 ... wesome.cap

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  • now that is very nice

  • That is very elegant.

  • Amazing!

    I didn't know the Canvas was able to render things so fast!

    Great example, David!

  • That's too cool

    A very nice, simple effect.

  • thats awesome,

    helpful tip for people making canvas split screen, put all the objects in a family and paste the family, it save the trouble of making multiple actions, and to my surprise it places them in the proper order .

  • Really cool. I'm saving this for later use, if I ever do a 2P game.

  • Aaah! bittersweet! I've had this in mind for about 2 years now and never got the chance to do it.

    the sweet part is that you just showed how to do it this was the only thing holding me back from going with Construct for a certain game! wowoo!!

  • I get this:

    <img src="http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u86/Kaosjkm/MemoryError.png">

    I cant see how 3GB isnt enough...

  • I got the same thing. Try the latest build, worked for me.

  • Come to think of it, yeah, thats probably the issue.

    EDIT: Yup, that did it!

    Man David, thats freaking AWESOME! I didn't know Construct could do things like this!

  • Holy mother of the Mana Goddess, that is freaking awesome! The very first thing I thought was, "I don't see split screen. Oh... the camera's spacing out... Is this the best it can d-- HOLY CRAP." and I was IMMEDIATELY reminded of the greatest co-op 2-player game ever, Toe-jam & Earl, and how this not only perfectly emulated it, but easily surpassed it. @ Man, Construct can do some AWESOME stuff.

  • So many old games could have been soooo much more fun with something like this (no having to stand around waiting for your mate to get back from the bathroom and his motionless character holding you back), or those old sports games, or football games. I'm trying to find an excuse to use this in mine now, grr, lol.

    Awesome, very very cool. Now do it with four players!

  • Very very awesome. You're always full of surprises Davo.

    I have uploaded an alternate version below that supports any aspect ratio and screen size instead of the default 1:1 ratio.

    Just change the window width and height, and change the 'Player2View' canvas to the same size (it is 800x600 in this example, which is 4:3 ratio).


    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3541668/Split%2 ... ernate.cap

    EDIT: Is there any chance we'll ever get the option to change the Canvas size at runtime without stretching? It is currently impossible (I think, prove me wrong) to make the above automatically scale to DisplayWidth and DisplayHeight due to the Canvas stretching.

  • I like where this is going.

    As for multiple resolutions, one could create several canvases, family them (hah) and then delete them all in runtime, keeping the needed size. Of course this would still eat up the total VRAM at startup :s

    I've been thinking of 4-player splitscreen too, but that's not as easy... yeah I could envision the 4-way splitscreen as each corner of the screen, but what about the angles? imagine widescreen, 4 players each in their split-corner, then both players in the upper half approaching each other.... vertically! O_o

    4 player-splitscreen could be done with rotation, so that the camera rotates to accomodate any merges, but this example doesn't rotate the playfield, I'm not sure how hard that would be.

    Also, 4 player would mean 3 canvases? that's a lot of VRAM if one could only 'paste to screen'.

    Hey, that'd be a neat way to control a renderer with events! foreach *default family* ordered by z, paste to screen. Construct 2, perhaps? with a "draw normally" attribute that does this by default, and then one could uncheck it and move and paste stuff around freely like it's done with canvas... and then canvas would just be a buffer!

    so um... back in topic. 4 player-splitscreen, any ideas?

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