Spanky the Buttweasel

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  • This is a game that I have been working and that I am submitting as my final for a game design class.

    It's far from done, but it works lol.

    <img src="">

    Here is the link to download it (but beware, it's 28 megs!)


    Arrow Keys- Move/Duck

    Shift- Jump

    Control- Attack

    Esc- Emergency Quit (for when platform acts ups)

    Known Issues/Bugs:

    Spanky can reappear on other sides of platforms if you frantically mash the buttons. (no idea why)

    Spanky's death animation can appear upside down.

    Spanky can be hurt when jumping on enemy (this has been quite a pain to solve.)

    Spanky's attack animation is incomplete

  • Hehe I like it.

    That you can be hurt when jumping on an enemy can be annoying though. Do you have an event that is comparing the ground detector Y of the player to so to speak.

    Ground detector does not overlap solid (which means the player is jumping/falling)

    +Player hitbox overlaps enemy hitbox

    +Ground detector Y greater (below) enemy hitbox.Y + 8 (for example, +8 being a tolerance)

    => hurt player

    Ground detector does not overlap solid (which means the player is jumping/falling)

    +Player hitbox overlaps enemy hitbox

    +Ground detector Y lower or equal (above) enemy hitbox.Y + 8

    => kill enemy

    Or at least something like that. All assuming you have a ground detector and hitboxes and stuff.

    And I guess I found a bug: when I was jumping into the water above, Buttweasel disappeared

    <img src="">

  • awesome game, shitty graphic but awesome game.

    seriouslyit has a really great potential.

    I didn't hit any bug.

    Our spankin' buddy sure love donuts.

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  • This is great

    I love the cartoony style. The platforming feels pretty good for the most part, and I haven't yet experienced the enemy-stomping bug you mentioned. I do get partway stuck in walls sometimes though.

    The level design though really could use some work... some places are just impossible to get past if you miss a jump and go the wrong way. And in several places you can't go back because the jump is ever so slightly too short.

    Also... Totoro music? Interesting choice

    I haven't played through all of it yet but I will soon

  • Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Pixel: I am using three detectors actually, but you gave me a good idea for how Spanky takes damage. I'll add the event "Spankyboot.Y is greater than Enemy.Y" that should clear it up.

    No idea why he disappeared in the water other than the wacko bug I'm facing

    Border: Give me a little more feedback on the graphics than an expletive lol glad you like it though!

    Deadeye: Thanks! Yes I agree the platforming is not yet polished, and many animations are yet to be done. The level design was a rush job for the most part, I normally want a big more variety (and less difficulty) in a level. I suppose the reasoning is that since it's only one level, I didn't want to make it too easy. And yes...Totoro is cool!

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