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    If the music doesn't work just use this link in background and FEEL THE EPICNESS.

  • Ignorance is bliss.


    <img src="">


    <img src="">

  • Ignorance is bliss.

    But... he said Soviet. Russia isn't the Soviet Union anymore. It's a throwback to the good 'ol days, when the USSR was a terrifying entity and America's only hope was Rocky Balboa.

    Anyway, Hurray for the Working Class!!!

  • Caspis just check his menu.

  • Oh, okay.

    ...I still like the art style. (I know that isn't what you had a problem with, of course)

  • Yeah, it's meant to be Soviet.

    I wrote RUSSIA in the menu because it's supposed to be in the past, when Russia was part of the Soviet Union.

  • lush

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  • Whoa, I love it!

    you think you could get the sunburst's rotation to synch with the tank's movement? That could look great, but I'm not sure (you just gotta test those things).

  • These things cannot be put in synth.

    Edit: To make things clear: then can be put in synth only, if tanks' speed wasn't constant during their time on screen.

  • uhm. yes it can.

    Just calculate the speed at a certain distance from the center using angular speed, then either set the tanks to that speed or reverse the equation to get the angular speed.

    Won't synch up all the way along the axis, but if you pick an arc that stays long enough near the tanks the visual effect will be there. Like a tread moved by a cog.

  • x_ray(t) = y * ctg(w*t)

    y = constant vertical distance from center of screen to bottom of screen

    w = some constant parameter adjusting constant angular speed

    dx_ray(t)/dt = (-y * w) / sin^2(wt)

    d2x_ray(t)/dt2 = (2 * w * w * y * cos(wt)) / (sin^3(wt))

    -> x_ray(t) is the x position of ray (ray's begin).

    -> there's a need to modify x_ray(t) parameters because x,y screen coordinates are really x,-y

    -> dx_ray(t)/dt = speed, it's chaning, because...

    -> d2x_ray(t)/dt2 = (2 * w * w * y * cos(wt)) / (sin^3(wt)) ... acceleration is not a constant value.

    Ergo, x_tank(t) = y * ctg(w*t) to make x_tank in synch with x_ray.

  • -> dx_ray(t)/dt = speed, it's chaning, because...

    -> d2x_ray(t)/dt2 = (2 * w * w * y * cos(wt)) / (sin^3(wt)) ... acceleration is not a constant value.

    And if acceleration was constant, speed would still be changing.

    But that's besides the point.

    I did say it won't synch up forever, but it can be matched to the tangent, which given the large radius will look good enough. Again: Like a tread moved by a cog.

  • Yeah, I meant "if acceleration is 0".

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