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  • In my procrastination from working on my uni stuff I put this together skybox thing. I thought it could be cool to use if you made a game where you wanted the background to be spining around (like you were on a space ship or something) but the effect didn't come out as good as I had hoped I used the textures from here


    Download 'muchbetter'. I forgot that skyboxes only work when rendered from the centre, and the 3dbox wasn't moved along the z axis. Also I changed the graphics to the ones used in Irrlicht...its also open source so they shouldnt mind me using that cool skybox texture. I am now happy with the effect

  • lol David, 2D man ... 2D!

    Looks good for what it is. Can tell it's box shape, but still effective ...

    I'll just stop there ... must ... resist ...




  • That's pretty neat.

    I made a minor change to the .cap (click and drag the mouse around): ... kybox2.cap

  • Yeah I tried using the textures from the skybox in irrlicht and it still looks like a cube...while the cube in irrlicht doesn't look like a cube :S I noticed when you make the box larger the perspective changes a little ... and it kinda reaches a maximium slope...but then it reaches the far plane and vanishes heh...might read over the cvs repository for irrlicht

  • Redownload the file guys i made it better! it no longer looks like a cube

  • Man that is awesome!

  • Awesome o.O O.o

    Good, gut, dobre, bona and in other langs

  • "muchbetter" indeed

  • Try putting on motion blur, and it looks so very smooth

  • Awsome!

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  • Man, that looks really awesome.

  • wow, i would totaly need that for the FPP parts of my game. if i would know how to execute this that is

    still - awesome effect

  • I'd like to use this as a backdrop effect for a platformer game, but I don't quite understand all the events. Could you maybe explain or comment it?

  • <img src="">

    Y is up/down. X is left/right. Z is front/back.

    Yaw: rotation around the Y axis - spinning like a top

    Pitch: rotation around the X axis - spinning forward/backward

    Roll: rotation around the Z axis - spinning side to side

    Set yaw to 0 - mousex / 4:[/code:zaizl332]
    Sets the angle along the Y axis to mousex (the actual position of the mouse, in pixels).  Divided by 4 so it doesn't spin too fast.  The "0 -" part inverts the angle so that it spins in the direction of the mouse movement, remove the "0 -" to invert the mouse movement.
    [code:zaizl332]Set pitch to clamp(-90,(mousey - 240)/4 ,90)[/code:zaizl332]
    Sets the angle along the X axis to mousey, minus the center of the screen.  Since the window is 480px tall, that would be 240.  Divided by 4 so it doesn't spin too fast.  The angle is also clamped between -90 degrees and 90 degrees so you can't look beyond "all the way up" and "all the way down," although David has made a small error in using clamp() here, and the proper expression should read clamp((mousey - 240)/4, -90, 90).  Adding "0 -" to the beginning of this would invert the mouse movement.
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks pal.

    How does the thing work though? Like, why are there two boxes, and how does the script create the skybox effect?

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