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  • In light of some good contributions lately (midnight, deadeye) I've been updating the beginner resources on the site. I realise Construct can be intimidating and appear complicated to beginners, so I'm trying to make the starter resources as good as possible. So if anyone has any suggestions for improvements or changes, let me know!

    I've changed the Learn section of the site a bit:

    There's also a new URL for the tutorials section:

    This directs to the Tutorials page on the wiki, but that's a pretty complicated URL. If you want to show someone some tutorials, that URL should be quick & easy to give them.

    I've listed some example .caps on the tutorials wiki page as well. If anyone has or remembers any particularly good .cap files (eg. from the uploads forum) which are well commented and useful to beginners, let me know and I can put them up there as well.

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  • Looks good to me mate

    If I can hurry up and get my butt in gear, I'll do the first issue of C-zone magazine and do some articles on this stuff, helping to break it down and categorize it all nicely. Hopefully after the Christmas mayhem rush I will be able to sit down and get it done.

    The more of this kind of stuff we can put together, the better this will all be for beginners to Construct, and more importantly, beginners in game development.


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