Simple top down starfield

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  • Playing around with particle effect, i've managed to make this simple top-down starfield by using 3 particle generators.

    Maybe this can be done with a single particle generator, but I couldn't find the correct values.

    Here is the link to the CAB file:

    Note that the download link to the file is located at the bottom right section of the site.

  • Looks good, runs fast, and I think it'd make great snow, also! But it takes such a long time to get established.

    Tried making a situation where the timescale was really high for the first few seconds (to quickly set up the starfield at the start). That sort of worked, but the particle object seems to act strangely at very high timescales.

    (I guess I'll submit to tracker, if it's not a known issue or a side effect of the way particles are handled.)

  • Yup, there is also an issue with all 3 particle generators when you add an effect to only one of them. Apparently all 3 generators gets affected by the effect configured in only 1. Go ahead and try it; you'll notice that only 1 of the particles generators will work with the effect applied while the other 2 particle generatores are completely disabled.

    I've tried applying several effects, but the result is the same.

    Regarding the long delay in getting the screen filled with those particles; I think that this could work if you increase the timescale as you mention, and once the first particle reaches the destroy event (or the bottom of the screen) immediately drop the timescale speed down to a reasonable scrolling speed...., but this is only a general idea since I haven't tried this.

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  • I'm pretty sure there's no way to tell what individual particles are doing, so you can't tell when one leaves the layout.

    But changing the timescale can be done based on how long you'd expect it to take to fill the screen, so you can just set timescale to 20 at the start of the layout, then to 1 when timer = 15 seconds, or something like that.

    Regarding the effects - yeah, I see what you mean! I'd never noticed that before. It only seems to happen with some effects: "Outline" or "Greyscale" apply correctly, but "Soften" works for one instance of the particle object and breaks the others.

  • Can you please reupload?

  • Can you please upload this to dropbox ( 2shared just never lets me download anything.

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