Simple Strategy Game Example

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  • Simple strategy game example with support for basic scrolling, unit selection, minimap, sending armies and taking over bases.

    I have no idea how to get the A.I. to respond accordingly in specific situations so I'm going to have to learn the program further before I do any of that... (heck, I can't even convert the private variables from each bases to total for global variable lol)

  • Interesting concept! I'm curious to see where you go with it.

    I put in the unit count total for you (two events, at the top of your main event sheet.) It includes both units in transit and units stored in the bases. The important thing is to remember that Construct processes the event sheet from top to bottom, so you can use stuff like 'add to variable', 'set text to variable', and 'set variable to 0' in the same tick. If you use a loop as well, then you can do something like 'add each private variable to global variable', 'set text to global variable', and 'set global variable to 0', resetting it so it'll add up again in the next tick.

    The best thing about Construct is that implementing that concept is almost as easy as explaining how it works. Have a look at the events, and let me know if you have any trouble.

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  • oh wow, that solution was simple yet so elegant. thanks a bunch for the tips!

    edit: I still can't get over the fact how simple that was... lol. I can find at least dozen other application for that condition+action combo!

  • Am I missing something? Is there source files somewhere for this project I can download? :)

  • Agreed. This should really be in the 'Help' section, as this section is for showing users examples or tutorials, unless that's your intention(?!) If so, feel free :)

  • Thanks for the links, I'll read them on my lunch break. I haven't heard much about whats coming.

  • I see no links or tutorial at all?????

  • This is a thread from the old forum. The file is here:

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