Simple path editor using @array

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  • Thanks to Rojohound, and his Path behavior, and his explanation of the system expression of {,,}@, or at array access.

    This little editor lets you add a path from an external source without adding an external file.

    The way it works is you click to add a node and when your finished hit the x or y button to copy text to the clipboard, and then paste the array to your cap.

    To set up your cap you will need to clear all current nodes, and make a loop to add a node for each of them. The pathnodearray.cap example should be a good example of how to do that. Just remember to add a loopindex(loopname) to the end, and remember x, and y are set apart.

    I uploaded this as a cap just in case you want a different layout size, since they have to be the same size in both the editor and your cap. Plus if anybody wants to expand on the editor like add lines etc. feel free.


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