Simple Map Editor using Array

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  • Hi everyone,

    Searched the forums but couldn't find a Map Editor example that used an Array (well, one that allowed editing/loading/saving of what you create anyway).

    So I've put together this simple map editor that lets you save to a file - you can see how it's all done in the provided .cap (haven't commented, but feel free to ask if you have any questions)

    In terms of values, Brown = 1 and Green = 2 by default.


      ctrl + r - creates new randomized map ctrl + s - saves map to ctrl + l - loads map from left click on green tiles to make brown right click on brown tiles to make green F1 returns to this screen escape exits

    Planning to use this or a more advanced version for an upcoming ARPG built in Construct. Using box objects in this example (for easy detection of block being clicked), but will be pasting in to canvas for actual game. If anyone has any ideas for converting this editor to use canvas, would really like to see that

    Let me know if you have any questions, feedback much appreciated. Hope this comes in handy.

    Download: (.exe + .cap included)


    <img src="">

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