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  • Hey everyone!

    I have trouble figuring out angles and for some reason they don't want to sink into my thick skull. I started out by drawing a circle on some paper and sketching out a radial of angles that I could reference. Half way around the circle I thought, "how come I couldn't just create this in Construct?"

    So I sat down and made a tiny DirectX Program in Construct that will follow your mouse around and tell you what "Angle" the arrow is pointing at. It's super useful!

    If something like this has already been posted then I apologize.

    Here's the CAP if you would like to tinker with it: Classic/Show Angle.cap?w=7c84a6d8

    I suppose you can have Construct compile it into an EXE if you want to, as well.

    I hope this can be helpful to someone! It sure helps me out! ^_^

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  • It helps to think in 45� intervals starting at the right

    0 Right


    90 Down


    180 Left


    270 Up


    But then again I made a few Metroidish engines with directional aiming so this has kind of been burned into my brain XD

    Anyway I'm sure some folks might find this useful.

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