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  • I know some people have a different way of doing this, but I thought I'd upload an example of my solution to the problem.

    After some experimenting, it seemed to me that it would be best to make a game in 4:3 ratio, and let the widescreen users put up with the stretching, which is less than you might think.

    Also, rather than switching the monitor to the resolution required for the game (which can always be left as an option to the user), I experimented with stretching the game window to the users desktop resolution to fill the screen.

    The uploaded cap also has a couple of performance tests, like background warp and 800 sprites, just to see if the stretching technique actually affected the speed of a game.

    It runs in a borderless window 1024x768 and is stretched to match your resolution for fullscreen.


    Comments welcome,


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  • Just to note, widescreen is only becoming used more all the time. It is not some 0.01% minority. Also, just because someone doesn't have 16:9 widescreen (like on 15.6" screens) doesn't mean they don't have something wider than 4:3 (or even less wide for that matter, although that would be rarer). How are you defining widescreen? It also depends a lot on audience. I think you'd be surprised how many people use something other than 4:3...

  • Wolf;

    I think you need to read the thread in the proper forum area in full first.

    The solution I have posted here is the result of what was written and read there, and I decided that widescreen (whether 16:9, 16:10 or any other variant) was not worth catering for directly.

    I have a 32" widescreen HDTV (16:9) for my main computer, and IMO a 1024x768 game stretched to it's extents looks fine on it.

    On my laptop (not widescreen) it obviously looks fine, and on another computer of mine I have an 22" Widescreen monitor (16:10) and even that looks fine stretched.

    My solution is for those who don't think widescreen requires special treatment, like myself.

    As I said, you need to read the proper thread in full to see why I came to this conclusion, and to see other people's solutions to catering for widescreen, and to discuss it further if need be.

    This is the upload area.


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