Save Vram Memory ,Cut your sprites up

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  • Hm, come to think of it, you could use 3D layout... randomly spawn some hundred stars at different Z-levels, then rapidly change view distance and blackout. Cheap trick. Try it in a new cap and see if you can work it in somehow... such as through layer inheritance.

    that can actualy work... thank you!

    ill try to out

  • [quote:3p4qob75]excuse me but ive seen bazilions of games with bigger and smother animations then this and they used 1/10 of the ram i am using.

    Actually it was probably much, much less less than that.

    As Mipey said, its not an animation you see in the utube.

    Search the forums there's a couple particle warp examples out there.

    Heck I think I did one with the path object.

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  • ever heard of a game called Starscape?

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    check from 0:50 (that particles flying from off screen to the center).

    I don't see any giant, 160 frame animations anywhere in this trailer.

    That particle effect is made up of many copies of a couple different smaller smoke-puff sprites. They're being rotated, scaled, and faded. That's all. If that's what you're making, then you should do it the same way they're doing it.

    If you look closely, the individual smoke pieces are not even animated. They're just one frame each.

  • No tool can make up for a lack of creativity. Most big animations or sprites aren't those at all, but something that looks good enough to be disguised as such. A large picture can really just be a bunch of objects animated WITHIN construct, and well if you make them in an outside program and can't do it construct, your out of luck, just as any game designer/programmer would be if they were working on a game. Its the best thing to do, and THE only thing to do thats reasonable

  • And even the new 3d "HD" games use small textures most of the time.It all depends on how big your game will be , like the no of stages,Characters etc...Bigger isn't always better.

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