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  • So a lot of people ask how to pull off a sweet retro style fullscreen effect. There are other methods but they seem to involve using zoom, which bugs out scroll rates quite a bit. Quite frustrating.

    I developed my own fullscreen system with support for multiple aspect ratios that doesn't involve zooming, so it works great with scroll rates and things, especially useful for HUDs and the like.

    The example cap file:

    It's a very stripped down version of the system I use in my Action RPG, but you can use it as a starting point for your own screen systems. What this shows is how to automatically detect the resolution and decide on a resolution based on it, and then setting the window size to emulate fullscreen. It's not true fullscreen, but the user won't notice it and Construct doesn't hate it like it hates real fullscreen.

    Anyway, yea, hope this helps all of you! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • This appears to work very well. Nice work.

  • This is a very useful example. thank you

  • This is best method for "perfect pixel" fullscreen I've tried in Contruct.

    Especially because it doesn't affects the layers "paralax", since it doesn't uses Zoom.

    Thanks a lot for sharing. I'm currently using it in a game. I'll give you credit if I ever get to release it.

    Keep it up ;)

  • Distorts the sprites here. There's no blur, thankfully, but the pixels on your sprite & text are all different sizes.

  • Got a screenshot? Also, what's your resolution? I don't get any distortion at all, but my monitor is a 16:10 monitor, which is what the system defaults to.

    It's set up so that it can use 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios, and will try to auto-detect what your screen is set to on start. If your monitor isn't at one of those aspect ratios it will default to 16:10, with a resolution of 360x225, pretty much because that's my default ratio, but you can easily change it to whatever and also add in more conditions to auto-detect other ratios. I only put in support for what seem to be the 3 most common ratios, so that might be one cause for your distortion. Of course it could be something else entirely, but I'm not much of a tech guru so it could just as easily be graphics card related.

    But yeah, a screenshot and resolution settings might help work out your kink.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    From left to right..

    4:3   (320x240)

    16:9 (400x225)

    16:10 (360x225)

    else 4:3 (360x225)

    My monitor is 16:9 (1920x1080). I messed with the display resolutions a bit but everything I tried still distorts the sprite.

  • Hmm... I've changed the "Set window size" action to "Set Window client size". It still has the same effect on my computer. I'm hoping it'll fix the issue on yours. Could you try redownloading the cap and seeing how it fairs?

  • Hi... appologies for reviving an older thread, but I was hoping you could help me with something TL22. Originally your method worked perfectly for me, and seems to be the easiest way to get full-screen.

    However, after changing the size of my layout to make it taller in my game, the main character sprite becomes very distorted.

    Here's a cap illustrating my problem:

    Any idea what's causing this? Or maybe it doesn't look like that on your screen? I'm just wondering what the cause of this is...

  • I'm not TL22, but I wanted to check out your file. I can't load it in CC, though. The error message says that your CAP was created in a newer version of Construct. I clicked the Update button in CC, and I was told that my version of CC is already the latest. Just giving you a heads up.

  • Hm... I think that's because the latest version of Classic was put up for download on the forum, but wasn't for the updater on CC itself.

    Try this one:

    That's the one I downloaded last. There are some improvements to Classic that could be helpful if you don't have it already (Hoping my file's not corrupted).

    But on the other hand I also figured out what the problem was; I had my zoom set to 90 on the magicam plugin. Once I set it to 100 the problem went away. :P

    I do appreciate you wanting to help though, thanks.

  • Hi, I'm very curious in this fullscreen tutorial. You don't still have the .cap, do you?

  • The full screen tutorial is no longer available, I had to download the example cap jim15 posted, hoping he copied the events from the original.

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  • Geez, this still keeps getting responses. I've basically migrated over to Construct 2 (I highly recommend moving over to it for your next projects!).

    However, I did a quick update to the cap and reuploaded it since y'all keep looking for it. I'll not really be providing any tech support on this thing. It's pretty basic anyway, and I feel like it's well commented.

    The link is working again on the original post, but here it is again for convenience's sake.

  • Ahh... can you upload it again?

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