[REQ]s object chain (s version of davo's python chain)

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  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/schain.cap

    s version of this

    left click to add links to chain

    right click to delete links from chain

    s would become increasingly helpful if you tried to increase the complexity of this example, for instance, to add multiple snakes and manage each one separately, or if you wanted to be able to paste objects onto the snakes' segments, so they move like they're attached to the segment, or a little simpler to implement: to be able to drag and drop pieces of varying types onto the snakes, to add a new segment of that type where you dropped it.

    unfortunately, s is hard to read if you don't already understand it, but in cases like those, it would most likely take pages of normal events, with global variables and stored UID values galore

    with s, it'd be just a few more events.

    if anyone says they're interested I can show an example of one or more of the above

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  • Thanks, that explains a lot, although I have to admit I wasn't expecting xangrot.

    I was off on some tangent thinking, hmm ole with the vector object, or perhaps your catmull? heh

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