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  • [quote:3byjhqya]Hello everyone,

    I'm having a few issues with animations

    Whenever I have an animation that is supposed to play once, it gets stuck on the last frame instead of simply ending. I unchecked the loop checkbox and the animation is set not to repeat. So far I've fixed this with additional events but it's causing problems and cluttering up the event layout.

    The second and biggest problem I'm having is that animations are finishing prematurely. I'm using the platform movement behavior and it seems to happen when my character is accelerating in speed (it doesn't happen while the character is standing still or moving at full speed).

    I tried lowering the speed of the animation to see what is happening and it looks like it's skipping frames, only playing the 2, 3 last frames (make that 1, 2 last frames).

    Use S to jump and D to attack. The attack animation is where the problem is, but i've been having these issue with other projects as well.

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  • What version of construct are you using?

    It is working perfectly fine for me, after slowing the animation down to 1, i counted all 4 frames being played in the attack animation.

  • i'm using version 0.99.91.

    The problem doesn't happen when the character is stopped or moving at full speed, only sometimes when accelerating. try pressing the attack key at random intervals while walking around and it should happen.

    I'm pretty much a computer dyslectic, but could this be an issue with my video card or something similar?

  • From what I can tell, it seems to be "skipping" frames because the attack animation isn't properly resetting to the first frame. If I add a condition to do so, it works like it should even when accelerating.

    Hard to tell if it's not resetting to the first frame properly because of a conflict or because there is actually a bug there.

    EDIT: Added fix. Does it work for you? Needs version 99.92

  • It works! Thanks so much!

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