Prisoner Exterminator

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    Blow em up Or burn them out.This is one of my more violent games.The prisoners are escaping and it's up to you to make sure they don't escape.Hold down the A and D keys for left and right.Left Mouse button to shoot.Still working on stage 11 now.I will post the game as soon as im finished creating the last (12th) stage.Note the demo has only 2 stages ,The second stage is the add for the game.

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  • LOL that's pretty funny.

    OK so, cool idea for a reverse space invaders type shooter. Needs to have some kind of limit on shooting since you can just hold down the trigger and blow everything up... like maybe the gun could heat up and jam if you shoot too much or something?

    Other than that, it's pretty cool so far from what I can see in the limited version.

    I'm guessing you may have harder prisoners later that shoot back and stuff like that?

    Gory games are always fun


  • Thanks soldjaboy.Yes in the later stages you chase the criminals with your police car ala carmageddon style.This game is getting huge as far as vram goes.Most of the stages are like the first stage but the criminals throw you with bombs and you have to avoid the bombs etc.There is one part where you have to bomb the Boss and when you defeat him you will see his limbs flying into the screen with the blood dripping down the screen.Almost like the mk fatalities.I tried to create cutscenes but it takes up too much vram about 512 megs for one cutscene.

    Im optismising the game now because it starting to lag alot when i use too many effects.Im creating the same game for the xbox360 with XNA studio.It's much harder but more versatile.

    I will spend another 6 months in finishing and polishing the game.Iv'e found a sound studio that will do all the music and sfx for the game.Hopefully i will get it finished before christmas.I just need more artists because ive got one artist at the moment that has to do all the animations as well.

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    This is a screenshot of Stage 3.Im still having trouble to get the bloodtrail's right with the car stage.Basically the tyres must leave a bloodtrail behind when i drive over the prisoners.

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