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  • I translated English texts (in Languages folder) into Polish (Not all of Construct is translatable yet).

    How to install it:

    *Unpack archive Polish.zip

    *Replace all texts files from folder Polish into folder English (UK), which is in folder Languages (eg. C:\Program Files\Scirra\Construct\Languages)

    This is little bug for translators:

    Edytuj zmienne (on image is Edytuj emiemienne) - "Edit Variables"

    (This goes to bug tracker)

  • Not all of Construct is translatable, but it doesn't seem you translated everything. There's one little problem with charset - it is by default set to "Western". Polish users would prefer "Central European", other languages need other charsets and so on.

    Common -> Generally has two meanings: "Wsp�lny" and "Og�lny". I suggest the second.

    Binary Data -> Dane binarne

    Layout -> Uklad dokumentu (well that's pretty lame suggestion of mine, "Ramka" = Frame looks better)

    Array -> "Matryca", "Tablica", but for example in AutoCAD it was translated as "Szyk". "Szyk" or "Matryca" is fine IMO (in one place you used "Szykowe" and in second "Szeregowe")

    Binarki (np. pliki dzwiekowe...) -> there's a problem with "z" letter

    "OInformacje o obiekcie" from popup menu

    Translations based on English-Polish Informatic Dictionary, WNT 2004.

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  • Thanks for the translations .

    Every subsequent build from now will feature more translateable areas, as detailed in this thread:

    One note: the errors you got are because application, layout and layer properties are not yet meant to be translated. Keep an eye on the thread linked, and hopefully soon they will be, and you can reuse your translations there. For now, keeping to the areas listed will ensure no errors.

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