Physics: For the layman.

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  • Ok, for a note, I suck at math. Physics is more or less my worst nightmare, but it is a LOT of fun once you figure out how it works. So, I am attempting to create highly visual little tutorials/examples to demonstrate some of the basic physics functions, in a way that is approachable. So here it is, the first set of examples: it illustrates the some of basic physics behavior functions, including gravity, making objects immobile and non-rotating, what linear and angular damping are, and what contact friction and elasticity are. I hope this is useful! ... ayman.html

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  • I suck at math and physics too, and found this stuff out by playing around with it a few weeks ago. Construct makes physics so much fun while learning it! Nice tutorials anyway. Look forward to seeing more.

  • Your tutorial looks slick as hell .

    I think it might be a little light on info though. Perhaps more text boxes that you can click "next" on or something to fill out details. Maybe go into the difference between moving a regular object by x/y and moving a physics object with Add or Set Force, or the difference between sprite rotation and physics torque, etc.

    And I like the interactivity of it, perhaps you could include some more hands-on stuff like knocking balls around or stacking boxes. Things like objects of different masses colliding are easier to see when there's more than one object involved.

    Really nice start though, I can't wait to see more

  • Thanks for the ideas deadeye! Ill whip up something over the next couple of days and get a new version posted.

  • Alrighty! Added a little more to this tutorial to explain X/Y translation interactions and to make the gravity examples more interactive and interesting. Enjoy your drag and drop box stacking

  • These look well done Nice work.

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