Particle effects (0.95)

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  • Three demos of the new Particles plugin in 0.95, which can efficiently draw and handle thousands of particles. The second two create up to 20,000 particles so might be quite intensive on lower end cards!

    These effects also look good with blur or soften effects to hide the fact all the particles are square, but it doesn't seem to work, I'll see if I can have a hotfix for that soon... and a future version should allow textured particles so you can use custom graphics.

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  • Cool I was looking for an example, Ok what I would like to do is when my player sprite dies, 1 spray of small red particles fly up ONCE then it's over.

    So could I just do:

    Always - Set position to player sprite

    On collision with <object> <need a command to fire the particles once?>

    Destroy player sprite


    On collision with <object> spawn particles

    I'm not sure how to make it just go once, and how to make them happen at the spot where My player sprite died.

    This is for a 2d plat former.

  • You could destroy the particle spray after a short delay, or reduce the rate to 0.

    I've hotfixed the particles object so it works with effects now, here's a demo of how soften and blur can improve the effect:

  • can't get it to work, I just want like one little wave of particles to spray up, and for them not to dissapear. I also need to have the particles spawn from the place of where my sprite died.

    The only way i semi made that part work is when i already had some particles off to the side then it worked.

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  • Instance, that's brilliant

  • I quickly added some soft white circle textures to these particle effects (textured particles are supported in the latest build), and they look a lot better! Point-spriting may not work on all video cards though, so let me know if you just see squares as if with texturing off.

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